Industry segments

  • Grid Optimisation, Intelligent Networks & Communication
    Grid Optimisation, Intelligent Networks & Communication

    The increased usage of decentralized energy resources has a tremendous impact on the stability the grid. How to deal with stability issues resulting in voltage, frequency and load management challenges? 

  • Big Data & Analytics
    Big Data & Analytics

    With new players able to enter the energy data market and creating new services, utility retailers and operators are faced with the need to reconsider their business models.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    Internet of Things (IoT)

    What began as a few connected devices placed on utility networks is now widely recognized as an essential element of the Internet of Things (IoT, the next generation of the internet). 

  • Smart Cities
    Smart Cities

    Cities around the world have successfully implemented policy changes that accelerate progress towards Smarter Cities. What is the emerging smart city ecosystem and the implications for utilities?

  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Services
    Energy Efficiency and Energy Services

    Improving efficiency, reducing energy consumption and cost as well as maximising transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain is fundamental to economic and environmental growth.

  • Grid & Renewables Integration
    Grid & Renewables Integration

    Renewable sources of energy are playing an increasingly important role in the market. Removing regulatory barriers and incentivising the provision of flexibility from various resources are important topics to be addressed.

  • Energy Storage
    Energy Storage

    The energy storage market has developed over the last several years, but now there are signals for significant expansion. This year market challenges such as cost reductions and integration expertise will still be under development across storage technology. 

  • Smart Metering
    Smart Metering

    At a European level, EU-wide directives and national regulations continue to be the predominant driving force behind smart metering. Different countries have different regulations and Cost Benefit Analysis.

  • Smart Homes and End User Engagement
    Smart Homes and End User Engagement

    The growth of the smart homes market in the coming years is expected to reach sky-high. Segments such as energy management system, security and access control systems are driving the smart homes market.