Country pavilions

Country Pavilions, are an excellent opportunity to gain information on local projects and exchange insights on the latest case studies being developed across Europe! Check out the country pavilions video.

Country & Region Pavilions include:

  • French Pavilion
    French Pavilion

    For the second time at European Utility Week, France will largely be represented through its National Pavilion on which the latest technology and innovation from the "SmartGrid France" sector will be displayed.

  • UK Pavilion
    UK Pavilion

    The UK Pavillion - hosted by UK trade association BEAMA - will be showcasing a new guide, 'Beyond Smart Metering'.  

  • Basque Country Pavilion
    Basque Country Pavilion

    A large number of Basque companies with extensive experience in the field of smart grids have joined the “Smart Grids Basque Country” brand, created by the Basque Energy Cluster to merge forces, project their capacities and place the Basque Country as a global benchmark in this field of great projection.

  • U.S. Industry Pavilion
    U.S. Industry Pavilion

    The U.S. Commercial Service is delighted to partner with leading U.S. smart grid companies and European Utility Week in 2015, where we are launching our inaugural U.S. Industry Pavilion. 

    We will be holding a U.S. Industry Reception on November 3 at 4:00pm. Please join us at booth B.b11.  

  • Advantage Austria
    Advantage Austria

    On the occasion of the European Utility Week 2015 taking place in Vienna for the first time, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA presents a Country Pavilion to display the latest technologies and innovations from Austrian “Smart-Grid” companies and research institutions.

  • Focus on Israel
    Focus on Israel

    For the third time at European Utility Week, an Israeli Pavilion will be dedicated to displaying the latest technologies and innovation from the Start-Up Nation.

  • Spanish Pavilion
    Spanish Pavilion

    For the first time at European Utility Week, Spain will have a Country Pavilion where Spanish exhibitors will gather to display their latest technology and innovation.

  • Czech Pavilion
    Czech Pavilion

    We are very proud to announce you that the Czech Pavilion will be for the first time a part of the European Utility Week. 

  • Focus on Turkey
    Focus on Turkey

    Increased Interest From Turkey in European Smart Utility Expertise

  • Country & Region Pavilions
    Country & Region Pavilions

    Interested in doing business with a certain country or region? Several countries from around the world gathered their fellow exhibitors to showcase their solutions under one flag!