As a key utility industry stakeholder you understand that the "one-size-fits all"-model no longer applies in today’s landscape. With emergent players from telecoms, electronics and other industries entering the market, utilities need to embrace IoT, big data and new energy storage applications.

In addition, the shift to prosumers and the ongoing drive for sustainability will impact how utilities package their offerings. 

This transformation calls for intelligent discussion and forethought into new utility business as well as operational models. Especially with the ascent of distributed generation, innovative smart technologies and the need to meet environmental goals as well as the needs of the customer. 

European Utility Week will help lay the foundation for discussion so that industry experts such as yourself are able to navigate the uncertain utility landscape and come up with innovative and integrated solutions. 

This year’s programme is split into two:

  • During the 3-day Strategic Programme you will be able to follow 27 high level strategic sessions where utilities will share their business strategies
  • In addition to this, we also offer you the opportunity to participate in the Hub Sessions where 31 dedicated Utility Project sessions focus on technology innovation

It is through combining technology innovation and renewed business models that the utility will be able to achieve the disruptive innovations required to compete in the future energy system.  

I certainly look forward to welcoming you to the discussion taking place in the Smart City of Vienna!

Elly Kreijkes
Content Director, European Utility Week 

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