Startup pavilion

Are you a startup? Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network and present your project to potential partners at European Utility Week. Who knows... you may become this edition's startup of the year!

For more information on how to join European Utility Week as a startup, contact Sietske Jacobs at +31 346 290 783 or

Already confirmed startups include:

360 Utility is a Bulgarian software company, established in 2015 in the capital city of Sofia. The company has dedicated its efforts to providing a white-label solution for any company who would like to become a Utility vendor (e.g. electricity, gas, water, heating) to enter this business.

AquamatiX combine innovative IOT technology including the ThingworX platform, wireless sensors, data analytics and communications along with extensive water industry application knowledge to provide complete, web-based water and wastewater solutions. Solutions include WaterWorX, a software as a service, low cost alternative to SCADA systems, CanalWorX a water balance/pump optimisation platform for canals, rivers and lakes and PumpWorX, a pump efficiency and performance pump optimisation system.

All of these solutions have been designed specifically for the municipal and private water industry. They are modular, based on open standards, and incorporate smart functions and diagnostics. The systems have been installed with Veolia water UK and several waterway operators, they can be quickly developed and installed, are easy to maintain and provide a rapid return on investment.

Guh focuses on human-machine interaction for IoT. The main product, guhIO, is an open source smart home server. The lean software has been built with extreme focus on independency, great customer value and reliability. GuhIO can be rapidly implemented into almost every product containing an embedded computer. IoT is growing fast. guhIO is faster. Its plug-in structure is ultra-expandable. Use the software guh-branded for free or let us help you with white labeled solutions.
aWATTar brings energy consumption in sync with nature. We are the first power supplier in Austria with a tariff that is dynamic on an hourly basis, and with the tools to help customers shift their consumption.
Battery swap, system for electric vehicles.
Bleeve is a social internet platform that connects people on the topic of saving and producing energy at home. We help home owners to stop paying money for energy they don’t need. Users get tips on how to use less energy, and they’re able to connect with others to undertake joint initiatives such as the purchasing of solar panels.
Collective Energy is a young start-up with the aim to realise jointly financed photovoltaic projects. With crowd-financing we offer an alternative form of financing, to develop the extension of renewable energies and give people the possibility to participate at the actual energy transition.
Ecovat creates large scale thermal storage vessels for storage and delivery of energy to the building environment and for providing storage capacity to the high voltage network (net balancing).
Enerbyte helps utilities to increase the profitability per customer leveraging on digital tools, behavioural science and data analytics. Our digital platform is the most efficient tool for the sales and marketing departments to connect with the customer base offering a defined customer journey.
Energiency specializes in cloud, big data and machine learning algorithms based on process and energy data, and provides predictive analytics tools for industrial energy management (ISO 50001). Energiency has received 19 international awards related to innovation.
Energy Conductors revolutionized the standard circuit breaker to bring circuit and appliance protection, automation and control with decentralized home energy management solutions. Solutions include: Electric Vehicle Charging, Solar Power Plant Monitoring, Appliance Monitoring, and Alarm Systems in households and commercial buildings.
EnergyElephant is a start-up with a mission to make energy easy for everyone. It is a cloud based platform and smartphone app in use in over 25 countries globally. It recently won runner-up at the 2015 European Young Innovator awards in Brussels. 

Enerlin helps energy utilities to become more competitive and profitable , reducing their financial costs , improving their consumption forecasting and increasing their portfolio of services for their clients. Enerlin have developed a plug&play device for the electric meters and a web platform, that allows energy utilities to treat the data received from the electric meters, for reducing their operative costs and improve the efficiency of their clients.

Enervalis creates the Operating System of the furture smart energy networks
enOware GmbH is a product company and offers innovative solutions for fluid measurement systems like geothermal, water, sewage etc., energy- and environment-monitoring and research and development for complex problems.
Entelligo is a mobile app to assist the sales professionals of renewable energy systems in the residential market. Starting from few questions to the customer, Entelligo provides a fast and easy way to generate an optimized commercial proposal, ready to be signed.
We at Every European Digital believe Internet of Things can work wonders, especially in the utility industries. We provide connectivity to dispersed infrastructure base: to monitor, control, measure and manage it remotely. Yes, we realize Industrial Internet of Things.
Exceedia is engaged in providing an end-to-end utility service (e.g. gas, electricity, heating, etc.) to end customers, as an independent utility retailer on the open market. The company's management is represented by young professionals in the Utility and IT business, with substantial experience in their fields. 
Flatout provides a compelling smart home solution using its IoT platform which is able to connect to all devices and online services at home. Save energy, feel more secure and enjoy life with Flatout.
Flydeo produces professional drones for commercial use with maximum flight time of 70 minutes and maximum payload of 5 kilograms. Our drones can be used for monitoring of solar, wind, nuclear power plants, different types of pipelines and high voltage lines a.o.
PhoCa System is a unique software that adopts a statistical model and chooses the best configuration for lighting parameters. About 20% of world energy is consumed by lighting. The final value is that it creates an innovative system giving great savings in outdoor lighting area.
Greenely visualizes and analyzes households’ energy behavior in a mobile application by utilizing smart metering data. Our algorithms analyze 9 different data sources and present households with their current energy level and calculate their potential savings. Initial tests show an avg of 12% in energy reduction per household using the app. is a cloud service provider, specialised on electric-mobility applications: be.ENERGISED enables everybody to operate a modern charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The application controls stations, plans service operations and enables the billing and invoicing of charging processes.
We build the wireless infrastructure for lights, sensors, devices, APPs and cloud applications in smart cities. Our SMART LED infrastructure reduces up to 90% on electricity consumption and includes a multi-server processing solution, firewalls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, content servers, 3G Modem and additional sensors.
LineMetrics is a technical solution for very simple acquisition of measured data and kpis in businesses. The solution is used to analzye energy consumption, machine performance, quality-related data, etc., thus creating facts for optimization measures. The product LineMetrics is used by more than 100 customers in 8 countries and stands for simplicity and versatility
Losstek is a British company set up specifically to help Electricity Network Operators gain maximum ROI from their massive investments in smart grids. With the influx of data into the industry due to the global roll out of smart meters and other sensors and machines in the distribution grids we bring our expertise and experience (20+ years in banking, energy, retail, advertising and manufacture) of big data analytics to add value.
M-tronics provides solutions for the effective management and use of energy. The control system and software developed by the company fills a gap in the market where customers are looking to supply low-power devices efficiently using photovoltaic cells.
Magnage is finalizing the development of an innovative flywheel based energy storage solution. Compatible with wind, solar, tidal and additional renewable technologies, the flywheel system is designed to store and supply energy on demand, regulate Grid frequency and lower energy costs.
Meterix provide innovative pre-payment solutions for Smart-Meters.
MetryTM is providing a web-based platform for collecting, uploading and sharing energydata with the vision to administrate all the world's energydata in one place. Using a cloud-based web service utilities and energy users easily can upload, manage and share their data to third party actors. This is done though a web-based API for various different applications on a standardized market platform, meaning less administration and lower costs for handling energydata.
Mobile4Energy is an elegant Meter to Cash solution allowing consumers to pay for energy using their mobile phones through existing telecoms Pay As You Go networks which already serve 2.8bn customers globally.
Monabee is an energy monitoring system, made in France, providing an innovative solution for optimizing self consumption for photovoltaic producers. Our solution is known for its modularity and for the higth quality our web platforms. It can monitor consumption (electricity, gaz, water…) and production sources and provides advices to help people understand and reduce their consumption. Measure to master!
Energy Forecasting Services
Open Energy Exchange is going to be the leading marketplace for peer to peer energy trading. Thanks to OEEX, local consumers and producers of clean energy can directly sell and purchase it over the OEEX platform, without having to change their energy provider. On top of that, OEEX delivers innovative Demand-reponse solutions in order to give to the platform's stakeholders the opportunity to consume the energy when and where it is produced. 
Decentralized Energy Production (Oil, Gas, Renewables, Solar, Cogeneration), Energy Contracting, New Economy Energy Cloud Services, Internet of Things for Meter- and Weatherdata, Meter data management, Energy Billing Systems, Energy Monitoring with Benchmarking, Energy Management Systems, Energy Efficiency Services, Customer Event Processing, Energy Audits.
Open Utility is developing Piclo, the UK’s first online renewable energy marketplace. For the first time in the UK, people can buy and sell electricity at prices they agree on.
Ptrole is a smart factory creator. Its area of expertise and technologies prepares industrial companies to the "Smart Technology" revolution taking into account their actual energy constraints. Ptrole provides services and technologies on smart factory including data analysis, smart-metering and energy management technologies.
Steadysun provides solar production forecasting services of unprecedented accuracy over horizons ranging from a few minutes to several days.
Stimergy designs, builds and runs environmentally responsible smart datacenters that heat water of swimming pools and residential smart buildings
Storelectric’s innovative Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system is the world’s biggest and cleanest battery, using only air, salt, water and off-the-shelf equipment. It is the key to matching intermittent renewable energy with variable demand, thereby enabling renewables to deliver most of the country’s and world’s current and future energy needs. Levelised cost is less than gas-fired peaking plants. Building 20MW pilot plant in 2-3 years with existing caverns. Supported by six multinationals.
Swuto is a next generation price comparison platform. Swuto automatically compares and switches your energy supplier so you are always on the cheapest energy tariff.  
Symvaro is creating SaaS solutions for the field of water and waste. With a strong focus on customer integration we are co-creating with our customers apps, web- and phone- based solutions to raise awareness, raise efficiency, set up new business models and improve the quality of life and work.
Tausendundein Dach is an initiative for Grid Parity Projects in the Photovoltaic Industry. The aim is to build 1001 Solar Power Plants for business owners who want to produce the electricity they need from the sun
    Design and manufacturing of hydraulic microturbines for electricity generation from the pressure present at water distribution networks.
Upside pays people to not use energy. We're building a cloud service that enables households and small business sites to participate in demand response schemes. It does that by aggregating energy stored in uninterruptible power supplies, batteries attached to solar PV arrays, electric vehicles, domestic heating systems, etc.
VIRIDOM serves as the bridge between the electricity user and the power utility. More specifically, VIRIDOM puts electricity users in real-time control of their consumption, production and storage, while at the same time it facilitates true automated demand-side management and fuels customer engagement for the utility companies.
Watch-E provides multisided simple and intelligent energy dashboards for households and schools via web and mobile applications. Monitoring for niche markets like energy neutral dwellings
Watt Intelligent Solutions (Watt-IS) focuses on providing energy utility companies with a fully scalable data analytics engine and online user engagement platform that, from the analysis of smart metering data, aims to improve the overall energy client experience while fostering energy efficiency through the delivery of tailor made energy efficiency measures.
Yetu is the world’s first smart home solution that connects all devices at home, no matter what brand, standard or operating system, and enables consumers to run their entire household with one simple online platform across all devices.
Zenodys platform is the easiest way to build and automate the Internet of Things (IoT). Just connect, drag and drop and innovate new IoT products, services and prototypes. Our mission is to make the automation of the world around us ridiculously simple. And to push the limits of human innovation to the completely new level.